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Do 20/50 vision in children need glasses? | Firmoo Answers

Children with 20/50 vision means that they need to stand 20 feet away from the objects to see them clearly while a person with perfect vision …

At what point does a child need glasses? – DC Urban Moms and Dads

… is 20/40. At what level of vision did your child need glasses? … Mine had 20/50 (and astigmatism) when we took her, and we got her glasses.

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Q: I have 20/40 vision in one eye, and 20/50 in the other. My doctor insists that I get glasses, but I feel no need for it. … It is a common misperception that wearing eyeglasses makes your eyes worse, to a point where you cannot go without the glasses. There is no permanent vision change caused by wearing glasses.

Eyesight Need a Fix? You’re Not Alone – WebMD

Visual acuity refers to the sharpness of vision at 20 feet from an object. A person with 20/50 vision can clearly see something 20 feet away that a person with normal vision can see clearly from a distance of 50 feet. Bad distance vision was considered improved if corrections boosted visual acuity to 20/40 or better.

Is 20/40 and 20/50 eye sight bad? | Yahoo Answers

You will probably need glasses, and will need them for sure to pass the drivers … an object at 20 ft when a person with perfect vision can see the object at 50ft. … this level of vision does not necessarily need to be corrected.

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In the UK it would be below the legal driving limit which is about 20/40. … with normal vision can see at 50 feet, you would need to be 20 feet away to see it. … If I don’t put on my glasses in the morning, I can read a book, watch TV, and get … So while it isn’t horrible vision, corrective lenses do make quite a bit of difference.

What does it mean to have 20/50 vision? – Quora

What is 20/20 vision? Has 20/20 vision changed over time? I have 20/70 vision in one eye but 20/20 vision in the other. Do you think that I will need glasses?

School Vision Tests (20/50 vision, what does that mean …

DD1 (almost 7) came home with a vision report of 20/50 vision. … So, what does that mean for school, assuming that the 20/50 distance vision is accurate? … That’s a pretty mild diagnosis, but she might get glasses to use just for … So with 2050 vision, your daughter would need to stand 20 feet from a sign …

Vision question: Is 20/50 really bad? | The DIS Disney Discussion …

It’s about what my eyesight is and while I wear glasses all day, I only really need them for driving and reading. Technically, I can squint a little …

Glasses for 4year old with 20/40 and 20/50 vision – BabyCenter

All the women in my family wear glasses (as do my older daughters). So my question … When playing outside or dancing she doesn’t need them. I have seen …. Draswife you also said that your kid had 20/40 and 20/50 vision.

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