Saturday Delivery Services from FedEx

Do mail and packages move on Sundays? [Archive] – Straight Dope …

I was chatting with a friend and mentioned that while the US Postal Service, UPS and FedEx don’t deliver on Sunday that doesn’t mean that …

Does FedEx ship (not deliver) on weekends? | Overclockers Forums

Fedex Express picks up and moves on Saturday (something sent out Saturday as ‘next day’ arrives Monday) but won’t deliver on Saturday unless you’ve paid for Saturday delivery.

Does Fedex run on Sundays? | MacRumors Forums

My package reached Tennessee at 3:00 this morning (19th Sunday) but … It probably will move to the closest distro to you and will sit there until …

Do fedex trucks drive on sunday – Forums

are you retarded why wouldn’t freighters move they have deadlines …. do you know if i could go to the fedex store and pickup my package a …

Saturday Delivery Services from FedEx

Saturday is a standard delivery day with FedEx Home Delivery®, so most packages scheduled for Monday delivery by the competition will be delivered two days earlier at no extra cost. In fact, FedEx Home Delivery® is faster to more residential locations than UPS Ground.

FedEx Shipping Process Explained – FedEx Office

Most package deliveries arrive in 1–5 business days (3–7, to and from Hawaii and … Your package is already there, so get a head start on your weekend!

Saturday Service – FedEx

Here are three ways to get dependable, timely service on the weekend. Business … You can pick up your package at your convenience — even on Saturday.

Does FedEx ship on the weekends? | Yahoo Answers

They always move the packages, but a lot depends on the caliber of service you have paid for.

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UPS Ground question: where do the packages go on the weekend? … Does the semi go to the nearest depot and wait til Monday AM? … but it seems like packages still move overnight and on saturday. … our fairly small airport local airport has a 24hour tower because FedEx and USPS planes (but not UPS …

Does the USPS move packages on sunday? – TerraForums

I know they don’t deliver on sunday, but if I send out a package will it be trucked on sunday or does it just sit in the back of a truck on sunday? th. … point in time to continue on its way to Fedex, which carries Priority Mail.

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